I am a creative person seeking outlet and purpose for my eclectic passions.  I intend this to be a fun platform where I can merge my love for education, the arts, nature and ideas, all while pursuing missions that are important to me.  All you see here are my original drawings, paintings and items I create from my artwork, and I hope for my creations to become gifts and connections to positivity. 

Since my professional roots are in working with people, animals and adoption counseling, I launched my first phase with a colorful side of animals and fundraising for non-profits.  My artistic styles differ greatly in media and topic, so my next round will look like and embody something very different!

Through what I am able to do, I aim to connect to positive entities and support what they are able to do. I hope to see you along the way, your support will evolve it all. ♥

"Man has responsibility, not power." --Native American Proverb (Tuscarora)



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